Ioana K said...

Hello David,

Just finished reading the article about you in "the Bulletin" and just as I was going through the last paragraph, I got really excited and instantly inspired by the future you were describing and the opportunity stroke me: I would love to have the chance to join your team in Brussels!
Immediately googled your for contact info and came accross your blogger account, so here I come.
I am already a resident of the Belgian capital since 2006, have a 8+ yrs Marketing and Innovation background and a dream to get to work into the fashion and beauty world...Please let me know if we could meet up and discuss.
Thank you and looking forward to speak to you soon!
Great day!!!

David Szeto said...

could you please leave me your e-mail so I can send you a message.

Ioana K said...

Hi David,

Please email me at:

Looking forward for your message!

Ana said...

Hi David,

Three weeks ago I told you about my love & fear relation with the clothes design world... ever since I can remember, and you gave me things to think, some bits of experience, "courage!" and a smile. Guess who am I...?

I like your work and the way you do. I would love to collaborate, to work, to help, to learn, to share, to experience, to give, to dream, to feel, to grow..., with you as a part of your team.

Can not contribute with a professional background in your field but think I have much to offer. You told me there are many things to do along the process, and I am almost sure would love any of them.

You can contact me (please do it!...) at: anablancaposa@hotmail.com


Natalya said...

Hello David Szeto

I have just discovered this article and I see it's a bit old but maybe you are still looking for assitants.
I have recently completed my studies in Fashion Design at the University of Arts in Berlin and currently I am looking for work opportunities, both freelance or employed on a regular basis.

I like your work for the unconventional modern looks and I would really love to work for you.
I can send you my portfolio and CV if you send me an email address.

Would be great to hearing from you!

Kind Regards and greetings from Berlin


Icaro said...


please send your cv to szeto1967@gmail.com

Courtney said...

Dear David,

I'm working on a photo shoot for a July 2010 issue and would very much like to consider your scarves. Can you kindly email me at the address below?


Many thanks!


Vanessa said...

I love this blog!