Hints of Spring Summer 2011 - online next week
...... it's not what you think.
w w w . d a v i d - s z e t o . c o m


is now online with
free shipment worldwide
until october 15th.


- Enjoy

I was wrong, David was right, give us a couple of more days, please.
just 4 days left
ok it's been a while since I 've posted, sorry
about that. The big news is I will finally have
a website and online store coming out this september!
A re-designed blog, where you can always leave comments...
If you register here, david-szeto.com you'll be informed right away
once its working. You can see all the looks from this fall 2010, (where to
go and purchase them), the next spring summer 2011 (pre-order your
favorite looks from the closest store near you)
and a re-edition of my favorite archive pieces that you can buy
on-line. I'm looking forward to sharing this with you and
hearing your comments.
For now I leave you some looks from this winter's 'hollywood' collection.
speak soon
lombard jacket, grace top, gilda pants
novak coat
stanwyck dress
marilyn coat
genvieve dress