Carla said...

Hi David,

Some beautiful photos.

Is my coat on its way ??! ;)

Carla (Down Under)

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

Where in the US can I find this coat?


David Szeto said...

This coat was from spring summer 2009 so it is no longer available.
Eventually it could be ordered through me, just let me know your size.

judy said...

Hi David,

I am a big Fan of your design and I do have some of your clothings.
They are so beautiful and when I wear them, I get many good comments from people about the style and workmanship.
Thank you for your good work.

Judy from Seoul, Korea

CdB said...

Hi David, Where can I get the Camel , Wool-Angora, mousy coat from A/W, part of the Hunger Collection. Picture of the coat next to a painting. Winter 2009. I live in Miami FL, and need a size 36 - Many Thanks and congratulations for the great designs.